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Holdinghands: Will Writing Consultant



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I provide a personal service to help you with every part of estate planning. My friendly and approachable manner will take away the fear of writing a Will, creating your Lasting Power of Attorney, creating a Trust, or dealing with the administration of an Estate.

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67% of the UK adult population don’t have a Will. There are plenty of reasons to write a Will and very few reasons why you wouldn’t need one.

With ever more complicated family scenarios it is important to understand what would happen to your estate if you were to pass away without a Will. This is known as dying intestate.

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A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document that can only be used whilst you are still alive, it gives someone you trust the ability to act on your behalf in matters relating to:

  • Health & Welfare
  • Property and Affairs

They are used to appoint people who you trust, to make decisions for you in the event that you cannot make the decisions yourself.

The important consideration about creating a Lasting Power of Attorney is that they need to be in place before you lose capacity to make the decisions yourself. Not doing so will mean that your family, or any dependents will have to go through the Court of Protection. This can be a needlessly lengthy and expensive process.

You can have just one, either one, or you can have both, which is better. The more common one is the one that deals with Property and Affairs, as it is the one that allows someone you trust to pay your bills etc. if you are unable to do so due to mental incapacity or physical incapacity. However, more and more people are creating both as the Health and Welfare LPA is vital to enable your nominated Attorney to talk to health care professional, medical staff and Local Authority staff about your care and wellbeing.

I can support you in creating the documents and having them ready should anything happen.

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There is much to sort out following a bereavement, at a time when you are perhaps not physically or emotionally able to deal with everyday activities as you would normally, let alone the mountain of paperwork that needs completing. Holding Hands in Cheltenham offer personalised probate services designed to see you through these difficult times, in the comfort of your own home, without engaging the perhaps unnecessary costs of a Solicitor.

When someone dies you may need to apply for a ‘grant of representation’. This gives you the legal right to deal with the person’s property, money and possessions (their estate). The right to deal with the estate of someone who has died is called Probate. The need for Probate is dependent on the size of the estate rather than the existence of a Will. It is not necessary to employ a Solicitor to obtain the Grant of Probate, especially as this can be costly.

Many people think that they can obtain a Grant of Probate themselves and carry out the necessary work to transfer someone’s estate to the correct beneficiaries. Some probably can, but it is important to understand the implications of obtaining the Grant in their own names before they start the process. They may think they are saving the estate money but it isn’t always the case.

A lot of Companies will charge a fee for Probate based on the size of the Estate. As I offer a personal service, I feel the time taken to help you through this process is more important, rather than the amount of money to be received!


I will visit you in the comfort of your own home, complete all necessary paperwork, including any required Inheritance Tax forms and obtain Probate for you.

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Holding Hands adhere to a code of practice and regulatory framework

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Holdinghands offers a Will writing service in the comfort of your own home and also offers a number of other services to compliment this.

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